Emotional Intelligence and Its Effect on Achievement

With emotional intelligence, you are able to understand and regulate emotions. Emotional intelligence can be trained to be able to support your performance at work. This can be developed and studied by anyone and from various ages. Someone who has emotional intelligence or low EQ, tends to not be able to control his emotions, does not understand the feelings of others, can not maintain friendships, unable to put emotions according to the situation and conditions, can not overcome sadness, and do not have empathy and sympathy for people other. Emotional Intelligence Begins at an Early Age If you want to succeed at work, or your child wants to excel at school, it's good to know what emotional intelligence is and how it affects children's performance. Emotional intelligence is recommended to be trained early. Children absorb more quickly what you teach. If your child is in an environment that he can trust, where emotional problems are discussed openly, then the children wil
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